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A land of ancient traditions and refined beauty, WWOOFing in
Nepal offers a myriad of unique cultural treasures and experiences,
and a gracious heartfelt hospitality like none other.


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Dear WWOOFers This is to inform you that because of Covid-19 Pandemic, the situation of Nepal also has not been improved. Please write us an email before you sign up. We will update you on the latest situation. Or, if you are eager to sign up, please go ahead and sign up and pay the relevant membership fees and start to read the host lists, we extend your membership fees for one year when the situation will be improved and in this transition period, we won’t count your membership fees and we give full one year free membership fees when the international travel will be normal. We encourage WWOOFers/ Volunteers to look at our other products as well on the website and purchase our products so that we can create an organic and sustainable agriculture movement.

WWOOF in Nepal

A land of ancient traditions and refined beauty, WWOOFing in Nepal offers a myriad of unique cultural treasures and experiences, and a gracious heartfelt hospitality like none other. As a sister organization of the international WWOOF network WWOOF Nepal has been coordinating a volunteer program in the field of sustainable agriculture in Nepal. WWOOF Nepal is a part of a worldwide effort to link volunteers with progressive farmers, promote an educational exchange and build a global community conscious of ecological farming practice


A Love for WWOOFing and desire of travelling have led thousands of Volunteers to join on WWOOF Nepal since 2003. Join them today to see a different part of this Himalayan Kingdom!
The Concept of WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) dates back to 1971 in the UK, when the benefits of experiencing rural life for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to were recognized. However, WWOOF today is much more than that. The benefits go beyond the positive experience of the “WWOOFer” to the host receiving sometimes much needed assistance, together with the capacity for sharing and promoting the fundamentals of organic and sustainable practices. A partnership in its purest sense, hosts often invite the WWOOFer into their homes and family lives, providing board and food in EXCHANGE for the volunteers’ contribution to the working development of the farm. Consequently, WWOOF has become, as well as a pathway for volunteer initiatives, a cultural and educational EXCH…
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Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms Nepal (WWOOF Nepal) is a part of the worldwide WWOOF movement in Nepal to link visitors with organic farmers, promote a cultural and educational exchange, and build a global community conscious of ecological farming and sustainability practices.


WWOOF Nepal is interested in establishing an intercultural dialogue on organic and sustainable agriculture farm. We are determined to become one of the leaders in the expansion of cultural exchange by developing Organic Nepal, improvement projects, visiting programs, volunteer placements and many more programs based on the principles, spirits and internationally recognized values of the WWOOF organization.


WWOOF Nepal’s host

Do you grow or produce organic products, but not necessarily be ‘Certified Organic’? Are you interested to support WWOOFers in sustainable land care: organic, bio-dynamic or permaculture techniques? Are you able to provide food and clean room to WWOOFers in exchange for 4 to 6 hours maximum of volunteering daily? Are you dedicated to provide a safe place for WWOOFers like their own home and respect them as your own family members? Are you fascinated opening your home and your heart to travellers from all over the world offers the potential for amazing cultural experiences, new ideas, new foods and lifelong friendships? If yes, please fill up the form below and submit us, we will check your eligibility and let you know the outcome as we are always looking for such hosts all over Nepal.

Nepalese culture exchange program

Nepalese Culture Exchange Program (NCEP) is WWOOF Nepal’s own and a unique program based on Ancient Indian Philosophy named ‘Bashudhaiba Kutumbakam’ which is the old Indian philosophy that means the whole world is one single family. This is a new volunteer program linked to international cultural exchange, international brotherhood and fraternity that gives a message of unity, peace, and cooperation. This program not only connects organic farming and international WWOOF volunteers come for WWOOFing, it goes beyond the boundaries and makes a global connection and gives a universal message that we are one family member regardless of any culture, colour, and country of origin.

Volunteer in Nepal(VIN)

Are you interested to connect to the community and make it a better place? Are you fascinated to make a new friend in a foreign land? Are you interested to take an opportunity to practice and develop your social skills? This is our new project and we have more focus on volunteering. If you are interested in participating in your sense of adventure and quest to understand a new culture through volunteering – its language and customs, woman empowerment, teaching in school, English language Trainer, Media Intern, advocacy and proposal writing for woman organization, this project is for you. There is no better way to begin to understand yourself, your opinions, beliefs and ideals. Make the commitment today to learn more about the world through volunteering experience. We hope that you will come back home more confident and ready to become part of a changing global community.


T-shirt/ Pashmina Project:

This project is a new fund-raising project. We design our Organic T-shirt and organic Pashmina (Not 100{958121d0ad94bff6758f7724ca2a85f95425c453250da30a58a658edd4115a28} organic) and our aim is to make eco-friendly organic products produced by our farmers. From each product, we make a profit $ 15 to 20 and use that fund for a long-term development of WWOOF Nepal. All the profits go towards the expansion of WWOOF Nepal. If you are interested to buy, please follow up the link and pay the fees. We will ship it as per your order within 2 to 3 days and you will get it within 7 to 10 days. This is the best gift you can give to WWOOF Nepal and please help us to spread the message.

Annapurna Budget Eco Trek

This is WWOOF Nepal new project. In the 17 years of working experiences with WWOOF Nepal, this project is a new initiative to work with international WWOOFers, international visitors and all the other interested people who are attracted to come to Nepal not only for WWOOFing but also for trekking. Hundred volunteers ask us which the best trekking route to join is, we thought to start this work.


How to Be a Host

As a WWOOF host , you are supposed to get people from all over the world. Our some hosts practice Permaculture or Bio-dynamic growing methods and some hosts make a living off their land, others are homesteaders interested in self-sufficiency, some are families others are individuals. There are also cooperatives, communities and eco- villages on our connection. Hosting WWOOFers can be hugely rewarding as you are enabling people to learn about organic growing techniques. You will also be demonstrating an alternative way of life.

How to be a WWOOFer

As Nepal is an agriculture country we have always and ever green WWOOFing opportunities. Kindly read the terms and conditions before to sign up. By 1st of September, 2014, we are developing digital hosts’ description and online payment system. We have zero discrimination policy and anyone can come for WWOOFing from any part of the world. In these 10 years of experiences we have no any single incidents and we got WWOOFERS from all over the world.


I had decided to volunteer in Nepal after hearing wonderful things about the country from friends and colleagues who had visited the country. I wanted to experience a country rich in history, tradition and culture. WWOOFing gave me the opportunity to experience the daily lifestyle as a member of a warm Nepalese family in a small village in the Chitwan area. My program included orientation around Kathmandu, and living with a family allowed me to learn about Nepalese customs and their way of life. I spent the days volunteering on the farm, where I was able to exchange ideas and knowledge in agriculture with my Nepalese colleagues. In my spare time I went sightseeing around the Chitwan national park, visited friends and attended a traditional Nepalese wedding and other traditional festivals. I thank WWOOFing Nepal for giving me an unforgettable opportunity to make some amazing friends and be a part of a culture and way of life in Nepal.


I thought what I have experienced in Nepal would be just as all the other trips I had in any other places which, as time goes by, will fade. But I was wrong, right now when i am under big pressure, or i am so tired from a day’s work, the peaceful views of sunset, the unforgettable meals without electricity, the forever dancing of the girls and so many laughing moment will float up and calm me down. Elva from China


Krish From America in Nepal from October 2004 to December 2004: I came to Nepal after 8 months of traveling through South East Asia, and it has been so great to meet Fanindra and his family. They have been so welcoming and I have learned so much from my time with them. WWOOFing has been such a good way to meet Nepali people who aren’t connected with the tourist industry and to see how people live in rural areas. I was lucky enough to be in Nepal during the festival of Dashain, and I spent this in a small village in the Chitwan area. People treated me like a member of the family, and I met people who will remain dear to me. I have to say it was difficult to leave! Thank you so much to Fanindra and his family who made my experience of WWOOFing in Nepal amazing and unforgettable.


“WWOOF Nepal is an amazing experience. I miss my Ama and Bua’s in Chitwan and Begnas Tal very much every day. I cannot wait until my life allows me to be back in Nepal. A little about our experience at farm. There are 6 goats on the property. Two that are pregnant with 2 goats each right now, one will be giving birth soon, they expect December. I believe they sell those goats though. The farm has 3 buffalo. We spent our time picking coffee beans, pulping coffee beans, washing, and spreading/drying coffee beans to ship off to Everest coffee in Kathmandu. He has orange trees, lemon trees, macadamia nuts, papaya trees, pineapple, as well as many other herbs, plants, and trees. They also have a bio gas system that was installed by engineers about 15 months ago. They throw all of the buffalo dung and other waste into this well that then sends this waste to a tank to ferment. Thus giving off methane for them to power two burners in their kitchen….it works great. Other chores for us at farm involved gathering the goat food, putting the goats out and in everyday.


I had a wonderful stay with Basu and Puspa and would definitely recommend them! As it was monsoon season there was not a lot of work to do, but they welcomed me in as one of the family! Basu let me help with cooking, and taught me to cook Nepali food and to make paneer! I also got to help a little with feeding the cows, fertilizing the fields, and planting. I definitely had a little bit of culture shock, mostly with adjusting to a muuuuch slower pace of life than I’m used to. It was such a positive experience though, I was very far outside my comfort zone- spreading cow poop with my hands, the language barrier, huge spiders and creatures and everything unfamiliar- but out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. I felt personally challenged, had my beliefs questioned and re-thought my own life and culture and sense of normalcy. All of that and some farming skills too Basu and Puspa were very sensitive to my needs, never forced me to work too much, and took care of any minor injuries and blisters I got on my soft city hands They also took me to see some temples and rivers and scenic things in the area. I enjoyed meeting a lot of the neighbors and learning Nepali dancing too! I will always remember my short yet very intense and rich experience in Prembasti This is the story of Jenzi from America:


I had a wonderful time on the farm in Dhikura, Arghakhanchi. I learned a lot about farming, and about a way of life so different from the one I was accustomed to. The pace was much slower than what I was used to, and at first that was hard for me, but after some time I grew to appreciate it. I was so well fed and taken care of—Pompha put a mosquito net up around my bed when I was being eaten alive in my sleep. I really enjoyed painting the house with fresh clay for the upcoming Dasain festival, planting a potato field, cutting grass, going with Pompha to sell milk in Sandhikharka, and removing all the kernels from piles and piles of dried corn! That gave me blisters so I had to stop, but after a few days I was able to do it again without getting any new blisters.


My name is Mari- Line and I am from France. After WWOOFING in Syangya, I came to Rukum and did 2 weeks WWOOFING to Rukum. This is also no nice place surrounded with mountain, river and jungles. I have now all the information to give about my volunteering in Rukum, a remote district of Nepal which was one of the active district of 10 years of Maoist war. I had a very good time in this remote area. The family was very joyful and always laughing. It was sometimes a little bit difficult because I was really deep inside a very different culture even though I enjoyed my experiences very much.

Mari- Line

We are glad to get the support of WWOOFers like Nina and Jörgen here in Nepal. Thank you for your kind words. All Nepali people we have met have been very friendly and welcoming. We got treated like a part of the host family. The work at the kindergarten was from around nine to five. It’s perfect for wwoofers who likes children. It felt like we inspired with some new English words. It was good for the teachers too, to practise their English. This wwoofing- experience have been fantastic and the biggest memory from Nepal. We already miss the children and our lovely host family!

Lina and Jörgen

“Hi WWOOF Nepal team, we have just returned from host from Pokhara. They are fantastic people and treated us like a family members. Please send more volunteers there – they would love to have more.”

Colin Tayman Block

“Wwoof Nepal made it possible for us to make great experiences to learn from all varieties of gardening and farming skills through WWOOFing. We are very proud of some of the things we’ve done and learned and that we got the chance to do so. We feel deeply fascinated for WWOOFing in Nepal which we felt a great way to experience “real” Nepal. We want to thank to WWOOF Nepal Team, as well as all our hosts in Illam. We felt no difference than our family members. We never forget these great Nepalese experiences in our life”.

Julia and her boyfriend


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