connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

WWOOF Nepal Brochure

We think, "Just as little -little drops of water form the ocean, your little contribution will support to fulfill our mission – which is to make to create an Organic Agriculture Movement in Nepal."

Get Ready to Go WWOOFing in Nepal ?

We are pleased that your WWOOFING adventure is about to begin. We have been getting a lot of great feedback about how the WWOOFING is going, hosts are enthusiastic to have you, and WWOOFERS are having great times! Please print it and pass on to friends or families or leave in public place that is a great gift you can give to WWOOF Nepal. Thanks for spreading the words.

We hope you interested to come in Nepal soon? Are you interested in seeing and experiencing how the people in the Himalayan Kingdom are living? Do you want to join WWOOF Nepal and make your WWOOFing Journey happiest, memorable and most awesome? Are you keen to make muddy ambitions and put your sedentary lives on hold and dig up the 'real and remote' Nepal? Are you keen to look the terrifying and treacherous Earthquake recently came and how the infrastructure been damaged?

Are you excited to ditch the desk and bend your bodies to the Himalayan land! Look, it isn't hard finding a farmer in need of a helping hand. Our company supports a range of agriculture businesses across the country. If you say yes and if you have enough energy to power on and fascinated to join in, please write us email today at to join us.

Normally thousands of people from all around the world come to Nepal for trekking, rafting and expeditions but now people are coming for WWOOFing too! So don't miss the opportunity to join these experiences of a life time! There are hundreds farmers waiting to welcome, teach, work with and learn from, international WWOOFERS! If you are ambitious, and have a passion for visiting, helping, and talking to farmers and growers, and exploring this new world, we would like to invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Have you heard about WWOOFING and the WWOOF International Movement? If not, read our site on or today and enhance your knowledge about Wonderful World of WWOOFing. WWOOF Nepal is very interested in welcoming you and giving you a great WWOOFIng experience. We have been running for more than 10 year and have nearly 100 hosts all over the country. We would like to welcome thousands of WWOOFERS to explore Nepalese culture by connecting farmers, communities and many other organizations. WWOOF Nepal operates with the aim of creating a network of farmers, communities, volunteers and organizations dedicated to actively promoting ecological agriculture, and essentially working towards an "Organic Nepal". The organization is enthusiastic about meeting groups and individuals who share the passion and objectives of the program in order to further support the movement towards organic, sustainable agriculture and promote future possibilities.

Why join WWOOF Nepal?

  • To get firsthand experience of organic farming and growing
  • To get into the countryside
  • To help the organic movement, which is often labour intensive and does not rely on artificial fertilizers for fertility or persistent poisons for pest control?
  • To make contact with other people in the organic movement.

Let us start our communication from membership fees because now we have reached this stage and all WWOOF organization in the world are entitled to pay the fees.

WWOOF Nepal Membership Fees Details

Where the subscription fees goes:
Subscription fees enable us to run an efficient and effective service and typically cover domain name/web hosting and IT support, staffing costs and associated meeting/travel expenses as well as office facilities including internet, phone, postage, WWOOF Federation annual fees, stationary and printing costs. Then there are accountancy fees, banking charges etc as well as advertising/promotion and publicity.

WWOOF Nepal Membership Fees can be paid by 5 ways. Please pay which method is comfortable for you. But if you pay by PayPal please be careful and read the instruction. Kindly read each section because the name are different receiver that you can see below. So read please before to send fees and note it down in the paper.

Single Membership fees: US $ 40
Double membership fees: US $ 55

The membership fees are valid for one year with the date you pay the membership fees. Let us say that if you pay the fees on 09/11/2013 the fees will be valid till 08/10/ no need to worry at can sign up as soon as possible.

Methods of Payment

1) Western Union/ Money Gram

We have noted that a few volunteers were sending membership fees through western union online have been cancelled as it is really difficult now days. Even if you are successful to be sent, it has possibility to be cancelled immediately because western union ask the identification of yours and wants to find out where the money is going and who is sending the money. Please send us email if you want to sign up through Western union , we are ready gives you details guide lines how to send money through western Union or Money Gram.

2) Money Deposit directly in Nepal

Kindly use this method( payment in Nepal) in exceptional case only because of the nature of the farms we have it is very good to pay the fees at least 2 to 3 months earlier or even a several months ago because the membership fees is valid for one year with the date you pay the fees).

If you are in Nepal, payment can be made directly into our account in Nabil Bank and Nepal Investment bank which are comfortable to you. The account details are as follows: Kindly note for the comfort of WWOOFers, we have opened he account in 2 banks. The detailed are as below.

A) Account name: Fanindra Datta Regmi
Account number: 4610017504021 Bank name: Nabil Bank
Account type: Saving

Or you can pay to Nepal Investment bank as well.

If you are in Nepal, payment can be made directly into our account in Nepal Investment Bank. The account details are as follows:

B) Account name: Fanindra Datta Regmi
Account number: 012 05030113735
Bank name: Nepal Investment Bank
Account type: Saving

This account is in Kathmandu but you can deposit from Pokhara, Chitwan and other places. Again, note that the membership fee is US$40 for one person and US $ 55 for two people travelling together.

Go at the bank and tell them to change amount into Nepalese rupees when depositing. Scan and send the receipt to We need the receipt to confirm payment with the bank and update our system.

Please note we are changing our web site shortly about the membership fees.

3) Direct transfer from your local bank to Nepal (Telegraphic Transfer).

Account name: Fanindra Datta Regmi
Account number: 4610017504021
Bank name: Nabil Bank
Account type: Saving
Swift Code: NARBNPKA
Bank Address: Nepal NABIL Bank Limited
Kantipath Branch Kathmandu, Nepal

Receiver Address: Dhapasi-7, Kathmandu

4) Fees by PayPal:

Go through our Link on the site and pay us. Our merchant account will be direct the fees on the PayPal account.

5) Credit Card:

Go through our link on the web site and pay the fees. We have made the extremely secure site to get the money even if you pay through credit card.

All those membership fees we get goes to Organic Agriculture Movement (OAM Project). Please just follow the link and pay the fees through online or by others methods which you would like, this is your complete choice. For any more information or for any difficulty to sign up or any help you need from our end, Please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards

Fanindra Regmi
Coordinator, WWOOF Nepal
Phone: 4363418
"Kindness is to the heart as sunshine is to flowers"

Please share this message with your friends and family and Join us today for WWOOFing to Nepal by paying membership fees.

Sub: Unique membership Number
Dear WWOOFERS, Thank you very much for joining us.
Kindly note before you reach to the host you are supposed to get an unique membership number from WWOOF Nepal in writing that you need to show to the host and give your name and membership number to the host . That WWOOF Nepal often visits to the host and makes random verification of the membership number and verifies whether you paid the membership fees. . Kindly note this is your complete responsibility to show your suitable identification clearly written your name and address and give your membership to the host or WWOOF Nepal staff if any inspection . That WWOOF Nepal frequently verifies your membership number on the site. Failures to do so we will remove you from the host property and inform to the police as soon as possible. This is a new law implemented to stop illegal WWOOFers as you know we always respect to the genuine WWOOFERS and completely help our level based for any problem. Also you can get your membership number in writing to WWOOF Nepal at
WWOOF Nepal Team

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