connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

Visit Nepal Camping

Are you interested to utilize your vacation with the most beautiful part of this planet? Are you keen to see the melting snow in the Himalayas and want to play with it? Are you interested climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the planet or you are interested to go week-long holiday to Annurpurna? Or want to go WWOOFING to the remote Nepalese village for a week or to a month and hide with nature? So, whatever your interest, joining whether ancient yoga practice, trekking, rafting, expedition WWOOFING, meditating, walking or just to refresh yourself to have fresh air directly from the Himalayas, Nepal is an alternative destination for you.

Our just request is to think Nepal as your new destination for your next holiday to experience a lifetime memory? As we know, the growth in tourism depends on the national policy as well as diplomatic relation to the international level, our aim is to advertise Nepal at the world.stage. We at WWOOF Nepal has taken our main responsibility to make this international campaign all over the Globe. Even though the tourism industry in the world is rapidly increasing, but in Nepal, it is still moving at a slow pace, we have decided to run this advertisement for the sustainable tourism development in the country.

As the question arises, Why should you visit Nepal? Well, you can visit beautiful country Nepal without any reasons but let us make discussion why you make your next holiday in Nepal? Believe or not. Nepal is one of the beautiful places on this planet and the area of Nepal is about 1, 47,181sq Km and populace of 27.8 million, which consists of 125 castes and 123 different languages. Nepal is considered to be "garden of flowers of different species." Distinctive religions can be found in Nepal such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Nepal is home to 10 UNESCO world heritage sites. Due to the birth of Buddha, Nepal has a very significant place in the hearts of the believers. Nepal recently has a new constitution in practice and the head of the state is the president, the head of the government is the Prime Minister and have a parliamentary democracy.

Please note, Nepal is not just a home for the highest mountain ranges but also is a home for the best-preserved wildlife area in the entire Asia in which huge variety of animals roam freely. Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park are two main wildlife parks, which are home to two of the endangered species; the one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal tiger. The safari lodges in these parks also provide outstanding services to guests, such as food, accommodation and wildlife activities.

Eight out of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal including Mount Everest. Nepal is just a perfect place to visit for mountain climbers, rock climbers and all those people who love to do an adventure. Due to its rich culture, natural beauty, and religious diversity it has a lot of potentials to make the best use of tourism, which is the largest source of revenue for the country. Unfortunately, maximum advantage of this industry is not being availed due to lack of strategies, lack of effective plans and lack of efficient utilization of resources and we are making this campaign to let the World know that Nepal is a magic Himalayan country suitable for everyone on this planet want to welcome to visit without delay.

Nepal has an enormous capacity to welcome International visitors. The number of hotels, travel agencies, tour guides, trekking agencies and trekking guides have also increased tremendously nowadays in order to provide tourists an enjoyable vacation. With its pleasing beauty, tremendous natural and cultural assorted variety, from the Himalayas, high slopes and Terai fields, Nepal has kept up its excellent reputation for being one of the world's go to nations for a long time, frequently acquiring guests to wonder about what the country brings to them because of which Lonely planet has voted Nepal as top five countries to visit in 2017

As said earlier, Nepal is considered as trekking paradise with numerous trekking opportunities for all the travel and adventure lovers. Nepal possesses diversified topographical and cultural mix. An encounter variety of rare wildlife species like crocodiles and bird watching experience make your travel more meaningful. Not only this, you can embark for Paragliding, white water rafting, zip-flying, bungee jumping, ultralight flight and other adventurous activities that define the true meaning of adventure. Kindly note you can freely visit Lumbini, where Lord Buddha was born and trace the birthplace that signifies the emergence of Buddhism. You can visit various monasteries, temples, and palaces that gives you the feeling of peace and tranquillity of your journey.

Last, not the least, if you are keen to have a Taste the best of food and cuisines, the safest destination in South East Asia, friendly nature and hospitality, easy visa access at the airport, low-cost travel compared to other destination you can visit Nepal with confidence. There are many more facts we can't express in the words on this small paper, but Nepal is a country that lots of international travelers are still unknown about the facts and about the country it has to offer. Kindly come to visit Nepal and if you can't come please tell your friends and family to visit Nepal and be our volunteers to make this international campaign successful. Let your friends and family tell to other people and so on. This way we would have thousands of volunteers to make this campaign successful over the globe and please keep WWOOFING( also on your list if possible. We would like to invite you again to our Himalayan Kingdom sooner or later for your lifetime memory. We wish you Many Happy Times and many Great Adventures.

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