connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

Urgent Notice

We have great concern that many people have made the blog /web site and kept the Word WWOOFING/ WWOOFING on their site, this has started confusion amongst International WWOOFERS/ Volunteers and violated the right to privacy of our hosts. We have also recently found that illegal WWOOFERS have been visiting the farm; these Illegal WOOFERS have been arrested and charged by the police. Kindly take note that making a blog and/or web site and using the words WWOOF, WWOOFING and WWOOFERS on any site/blog, that has violated international law and this concerns us greatly. Kindly note that keeping the WWOOF host through a blog is a criminal offence and a violation of the law. We are informing the people in Nepal and outside of Nepal of theses breaches to WWOOF Nepal's Intellectual Property. If there is no response , we will take this notice to the higher level and take strict legal action, and also ask the ISP Company to remove the illegal site. 

We kindly request all those people who are knowingly and unknowingly violating the law by using the terms WWOOF, WWOOFING and WWOOFRS in their blogs/ sites and web sites in Nepal and other places of the world, to kindly remove such words as soon as possible. WWOOF Nepal is committed to it's mission, and will take strict action against those who are doing wrong by introducing our host through Blog, web site and other methods and making a site whilst keeping our name; this is totally illegal. 

Sometime the host does not know of it and people have started rumors by creating such criminal activities. We need your help to save the integrity of the organisation, to stop this criminal offence and kindly take this notice as an urgent and stop your blog/ site as soon as possible to using the terms WWOOF, WWOOFING and WWOOFERS that confuses WWOOF Nepal. As we are the only WWOOF organisation in Nepal and have taken out a trade mark of WWOOF in both Nepal and internationally during it's establishment in 2003. All WWOOFERS, volunteers kindly do not go to the host without our permission through blog and web sites. If we catch you going to the host without paying membership fees, we will inform the police and take legal action. Kindly note we have nothing but love and respect for those genuine WWOOFERS. But as we have said above, we will prosecute all those who illegally join our host without our consent. Please make yourselves aware of this and contact us via email if there is any confusion."

Sub: Unique membership Number
Dear WWOOFERS, Thank you very much for joining us.
Kindly note before you reach to the host you are supposed to get an unique membership number from WWOOF Nepal in writing that you need to show to the host and give your name and membership number to the host . That WWOOF Nepal often visits to the host and makes random verification of the membership number and verifies whether you paid the membership fees. . Kindly note this is your complete responsibility to show your suitable identification clearly written your name and address and give your membership to the host or WWOOF Nepal staff if any inspection . That WWOOF Nepal frequently verifies your membership number on the site. Failures to do so we will remove you from the host property and inform to the police as soon as possible. This is a new law implemented to stop illegal WWOOFers as you know we always respect to the genuine WWOOFERS and completely help our level based for any problem. Also you can get your membership number in writing to WWOOF Nepal at
WWOOF Nepal Team

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