connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

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FFS consists of Farmers Field School. After working in more than 13 years we are heading to make Headquarter in Kathmandu city for our future research and development where we can teach Nepalese farmers about organic farming and develop WWOOF Movement always. Since our next phase is to create organic farming movement by providing direct training to the Nepalese farmers with their own action and efforts, we would like to develop such school in Kathmandu city to work for the long term research and development. This school works as an international place and brings organic and non organic farmers, international scholars, researchers, university students, teachers and other professional people to tackle Nepal's complex agricultural problems in innovative ways. We will work with industry, government, non profit originations and other international institutions to challenge current thinking and offer new solutions that will change our country and would help to make organic Nepal in course of time. Not only that we are committed to develop WWOOF, We are working to establish a no 1 culture exchange project named as Asian Culture exchange Project and extending such project in Asia. Kindly note, your small help would help us to success our dream.

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