connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

connecting wwoofers from all over the world and creating organic farming movement and culture exchange in Asia

ACEP (Asian Cultural Exchange Program)

Dear WWOOFERS/ Volunteers,
ACEP is only working in Nepal at the moment even though we are working hard to make this program expanding in Asia. So this is a kind notice that you have not option going to other countries than Nepal at the moment because of so many obstacles we have at the moment.

So kindly note, the fees not refundable after subscription. If you want to know more about the program please write us email at
WWOOF Nepal Team.


During our ten-year journey as a national WWOOF organization (, we have had the opportunity to connect international volunteers with Nepalese organic farmers, and in doing so share the colorful charm of our culture, the warmth of our communities and the beauty of our surroundings here in Nepal. Based on the interest generated by WWOOF Nepal in both international and local circles, we are looking to organize a new program in the region called the Asian Culture Exchange Program. This program offers opportunities to international volunteers to more deeply learn about and share in the unique lifestyle of the people of Asia. It would expand the WWOOF movement, giving interested volunteers the opportunity to stay in any community in the region, not just communities surrounding organic farms. This gives volunteers an extraordinary chance to experience how the people of Asia live by facilitating communication, exchange of cultural experiences, and understanding.

Why this Program?

Human beings in this day and age are keenly interested in visiting new places and meeting people of different cultures. The main aim of this project is to facilitate this exchange, and more specifically to share with the international community how the people in various regions of Asia are living.  The program will serve to facilitate the building of international friendships, supporting and enhancing the humanistic movement, and promote global peace and non-violence. Participants will work with farmers and other interested individuals, communities, and organizations while having the opportunity to meet new friends, learn about other community designs, teach about their own community, and develop worldwide relationships.  They will become part of a vital network of international exchange.

The program aims at re-connecting with the ancient wisdom that communities in Asia carry, and spreading a message of friendship, respect, brotherhood, compassion and love throughout the world.  Our vision is to create positive change in the global society by fostering communication between individuals who have the desire to be a part of this type of shift. By creating an exchange of knowledge and resources we can empower each other in a way that will sustain our earth and the lives of the people who share this planet. The Asian Culture Exchange program is a tool for exploration of the vital aspects of different cultures for Global olunteers.

Our Vision

At the center of this project is a belief in the Ancient Indian philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, an understanding that the whole world is one family.  We are rooted in the desire to foster peace and harmony among the different societies of the world, and our vision is that someday all the peoples of the world can live together and accept one another like a family. Today, people are divided on the basis of caste, creed, religion, and geographical boundaries. We feel that we have a responsibility as human beings to make an effort to remove all such boundaries from the human mind by spreading love and an understanding of our inherent connectedness throughout all mankind.

We also are rooted in the vision and ideals of the organic agriculture movement.  We seek to unite the international community with local communities in Asia, and focus this greater community’s resources on fostering both human justice and environmental justice in Asia and around the world.   By thinking global and acting locally, we can all make a difference.

Where I can travel with this program?

There are 56 countries in Asia. This program will begin by working with countries in South Asia and slowly extend across Asia as time and resources allow.

The Aim:

  • Promote intercultural learning experiences in Asia through home stays, travel opportunities, language training, work exchange and other cultural immersion programs.  We seek to foster meaningful connections between people to facilitate cross cultural education and understanding.
  • Establish an exchange between Asian countries for farmers, students, teachers and other community members for the same purpose.
  • Benefit the local people and communities with whom we connect. This includes networking resources, sharing information, and connecting to means of support from other communities and individuals.  
  • Extend the forum for discussing the organic farming movement, and the culture that has developed around it.  This includes the idea of environmental justice, the green movement, climate change, and what this means for all of us, as well as developing advocacy to teach the consequences of GMO and pesticide use around the world. The forum will include not only individuals and communities, but also non-governmental organizations that could help with organizing outreach and spreading the message.
  • Find newly interested communities, organizations, and individuals to join the culture exchange project, and create a booklet linking everyone together.

More about ACEP:

The Asian Culture Exchange Program is only for people coming from outside of Nepal who have an interest in culture exchange. If you have an interest in culture exchange  , or if you have any organization such as an NGO, INGO, youth group, community association, school, college, co-operative or any progressive community and interested in inviting volunteers participate in culture exchange we can gladly make you a host. People can come your home from Asia or from the West, to whom we will have sent your host description beforehand. They will stay in your home, learn about your culture through community service and participation in local activities, and in turn share their culture and personal help with you. Our main goal of this project is to create a humanistic movement by developing compassion, love, friendship and co-operation through culture exchange. In the 21st century, people want to explore and learn by visiting many places, seeing different cultures, meeting new people, tasting new food and developing their knowledge through a variety of experiences and surroundings. That is why we decided to establish this project.

If you have an interest in culture exchange Our Hostingincludes schools, NGOS, INGOS, orphanages, wildlife reserves, private organization, natural parks, and sustainable living initiatives – projects with a social or environmental goal that could use some help.  If you are interested to be our host or our volunteers pleased write us email

Is ACEP right for me?

  • Are you interested in travel?
  • Are you interested in visiting Asia in an immersed environment?
  • Are you interested in meeting new people?
  • Do you believe in building international understanding through cultural exchange?
  • Do you believe in peace, friendship, love, unity and cooperation?  
  • Do you have a positive attitude?
  • Are you ready to act towards the goal of uniting all people as one family?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then join us!

Volunteer Agreement

  • I am at least 18 years of age
  • I agree to travel at my own risk
  • I endorse ACEP goals and objectives
  • I agree to not harm my host family and fellow volunteers in any way, including physically, mentally, or sexually.  
  • I agree to respect the culture that I am visiting, and to be responsible for my use of language, my dress, and my manner while I am an ACEP volunteer.
  • I agree to try my best to be open to learning about the community I visit, and to teach them about my own community as appropriate.
  • I understand that it is up to me to cover my own flight costs, organize my own travel schedule and any travel insurance I wish to carry, and that l am responsible for all travel costs to and from the community I visit.
  • I agree to pay all applicable membership fees for my time volunteering, and to keep my membership current during my time volunteering.
  • I understand that the membership fee is non-refundable.
  • I agree to not share the host list with anyone who is not a member of ACEP.
  • I agree to contact ACEP staff if the host attempts to ask for additional fees, or if I believe that the place I visit does not fit the description provided by the host.
  • I understand that I am personally responsible for my own safety.
  • In the case that a conflict arises, I understand that the ACEP staff will assist to the best of their ability, but that ACEP is not responsible for my health and well being during my travels, and that ACEP is not liable for any event that should occur.
  • I agree that I will not sue ACEP, nor its directors or employees for any reason.
  • I agree to complete the ACEP survey form upon completion of my time as a volunteer, and to provide honest answers to the best of my ability.

Membership fees for Volunteers:

US $ 40 for an individual to join ACEP 
US $ 55 for a couple to join ACEP together 
US $60 for an individual to join both ACEP and WWOOF Nepal 
US $75 for a couple to join both ACEP and WWOOF Nepal

The above membership fees are valid for a one-year membership. 
If you are interested in joining ACEP as a volunteer, contact us by e-mail at: 

In order to become a volunteer, you must: 
Print out and sign a copy of the Volunteer Agreement, and scan it to: 
Send the appropriate membership fee to: (Please read the attached brochure)

Who can be a Host?

This Project is for you if you:

  • Are interested in international culture exchange
  • Have an organic/sustainable farm in Asia
  • Are a member of a community or organization in Asia
  • Are willing to welcome new people into your home or community
  • Are interested in showing the world who you are, and how you live
  • Are interested in going to other communities in Asia to see how other people live.
  • Are you interested in developing international friendships?
  • Are you open to hosting volunteers without monetary exchange?
  • Are you interested in helping the organic agriculture movement by educating people about organic growing and a sustainable lifestyle?
  • Are you interested in being a part of a cultural exchange, giving or receiving work hours and energy in return for food and shelter?

How to become a Host

We are constantly in the process of expanding our list of people, organizations and communities who are interested in participating in this project.  If you are part of a community or organization in Asia and are interested in being a host, we would like to hear from you.  Please fill out the form below to help us determine if you or your farm or institution meet our criteria for being a host.  We screen hosts using a thorough examination of your profile, which includes what you do, how you work and why you want to be a part of this program.  Our aim is not to discourage you; we simply believe it is important to screen all applicants to ensure the safety of our volunteers.  Contact us for more information on our selection criteria.

Once you are approved, you will receive a notification via e-mail. If you do not receive anything within two months, please check your Spam Filter for an e-mail from us, or let us know that you haven’t received a response.

There is a membership fee for Hosting: US $ 5 for one year.  If you are interested in welcoming newcomers and participating, but you have no money to pay fees, please let us know.  Scholarships may be available.  Remember, you still need to be eligible according to our selection criteria.

Application for Hosts

Please submit an email to   with the following information:

  • Name of community, farm, or organization
  • Contact name
  • hone/email
  • Address (location of your community/farm/organization)
  • Do you speak English?  Who in your community/farm/organization speaks English?
  • Why you are interested in becoming a host?
  • Have you seen any volunteers before in your community? What organization were they participating in, and what was your experience?
  • Briefly describe your community/farm/organization (200 words or less)
  • List some opportunities available for ACEP volunteers in your community/farm/organization
  • What kind of participation in your community/farm/organization do you expect from ACEP volunteers?
  • Upon acceptance of your application, you will be asked to sign the following Host Agreement before you are put on the Host List:

Host Agreement

  • I agree that I am becoming a host because I have a genuine interest in changing this society for the better by participating in the cultural exchange provided by ACEP.
  • I agree that ACEP shall be responsible for providing all initial contact between hosts and volunteers.
  • I agree to be available to be contacted through email and a landline phone, and that I will check my email on a regular basis and answer my phone if I am able to. 
  • I agree to be polite in any communications with ACEP staff or volunteers. I agree to provide an accurate description of my home/ farm/ organization to ACEP.
  • I agree that when replying to messages from individual volunteers and from ACEP all the information I will give is truthful.  In addition, I will keep my information updated should changes arise.
  • I agree that I will not do any personal harm, including both physical and mental abuse, to international volunteers who come to experience cultural exchange.
  • I agree that I will watch out for the safety of any volunteers who join me at my home/ farm/ organization, and will advise each volunteer on how to keep him/herself safe in my community.
  • I agree to provide food and lodging to those volunteers who join me at my home/ farm/ organization
  • I agree to teach any volunteers who join me about my culture, language and surroundings during their visit.
  • I agree to treat international volunteers as members of my own family.
  • In case of any emergency situation involving my visiting international volunteer’s health and well being, I agree to inform ACEP and, if possible, to contact the volunteer’s family about the situation as soon as possible.
  • I agree to not discriminate against any volunteers because of color, social class, or religious creed.
  • I agree to respect all volunteers as fellow human beings, and do my best to make this program about accepting all people as global family members. 
  • I agree to promote sustainability and justice in my community, and to be receptive to conversations with volunteers on this topic.
  • I understand that if I fail to participate in a way that is in accordance with this contract, I will immediately be removed from the list.
  • I agree that in the case that I am removed from the host list, I will not do any harm to ACEP employees or directors.

Top Notice

Sub: Unique membership Number
Dear WWOOFERS, Thank you very much for joining us.
Kindly note before you reach to the host you are supposed to get an unique membership number from WWOOF Nepal in writing that you need to show to the host and give your name and membership number to the host . That WWOOF Nepal often visits to the host and makes random verification of the membership number and verifies whether you paid the membership fees. . Kindly note this is your complete responsibility to show your suitable identification clearly written your name and address and give your membership to the host or WWOOF Nepal staff if any inspection . That WWOOF Nepal frequently verifies your membership number on the site. Failures to do so we will remove you from the host property and inform to the police as soon as possible. This is a new law implemented to stop illegal WWOOFers as you know we always respect to the genuine WWOOFERS and completely help our level based for any problem. Also you can get your membership number in writing to WWOOF Nepal at
WWOOF Nepal Team

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